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Organizations use Computer Aided Design (CAD) system to develop their products, analyze, validate and uphold product throughout the complete product life cycle. This course is focused on training the CAD user by expanding their skills and techniques.

This course consists of multiple modules that are structured in a pedagogical sequence, covering the Part, Assembly, Drafting, and Generative Sheet metal Design workbench.

Participants will bring information on specific company projects to be worked on during this training for real application of these concepts, tools and techniques.

Module 1: Introduction to CAD
Module 2: Drawing Sketches in the Sketcher Workbench-I
Module 3: Drawing Sketches in the Sketcher Workbench-II
Module 4: Constraining Sketches and Creating Base Features
Module 5: Reference Elements and Sketch-Based Features
Module 6: Creating Dress-Up and Hole Features
Module 7: Editing Features
Module 8: Transformation Features and Advanced Modeling Tools-I
Module 9: Advanced Modeling Tools-II
Module 10: Wireframe and Surface Design

1. Recognize and navigate toolbars
2. Access workbenches
3. Efficiently create fully constrained sketches
4. Create and modify solid parts
5. Create basic surfaces

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