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Aero Modelling is the art of making and flying non man-carrying aircraft. The aircraft can be a scale model of a full size aircraft or a design specifically for the hobby. Model aircraft can be anything from un-powered and uncontrolled, free-flight gliders, to multi engine radio controlled aircraft. Many people start off by building a free flight model from a kit, and progressing to more advanced models as their skills improve.

Adler Aerospace offer intensive Aero modelling workshop which is 80% practical. We ignite this fascinating sport and hobby to young school or college students. The workshop is dedicated to learn the technology behind making of aircrafts along with hands-on exposure in designing and building a model RC Plane.

Our Workshops
1. Chuck Gliders
2. Rubber Powered Models
3. RC planes

Adler is the only Aero Modelling Training in Chennai which provides professional course at a very low cost.

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