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AboutAdler Aerospace

We are Adler Aerospace

We ask, we seek, we solve. As national science agency we’ve been pushing the edge of what’s possible for over 2 years” and we’re not stopping now.

History and Achievements

Since we started as the Adler Aerospace in 2013, we’ve advanced our UAV industry with a range of inventions and innovations that have had significant positive impact on the lives of people around the world.

Strategy and Structure

Our operating model ensures we’re in the best position to deliver on our strategies and operational plan, maximising the impact of our science.

International Collaboration

Adler Aerospace works with leading organisations around the world, and we are recognised internationally for our quality research.

Policies and Guidelines

The integrity of our science is underpinned by commitment to our values, adherence to our policies and maintaining the highest standards of practice.

Reporting Our Impact

We regularly report on our budget and performance, including in our Annual Report.

Access to Information

As a Commonwealth organisation, we comply with statutory obligations relating to Freedom of Information, Privacy and Public Interest Disclosures.

Our Services

Committed to our work, we have provided UAV solutions for search and rescue operations, high-end surveillance, environmental conservation, agricultural operations, oil & gas structural inspection operations, UAV rental and cinematography/photography applications. Using cutting edge surveillance and materials technology, our broad portfolio of customizable fixed-wing and rotary UAV platforms can be implemented with variety of specialised payloads.